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Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics is born with the double goal of providing a venue for the publication and discussion of research results on all areas of Contemporary Hispanic linguistics and giving researchers easy access to high quality articles dealing with some of the most crucial unresolved issues about the Spanish language. Borealis publishes papers both in theoretical and applied linguistics about all varieties of Spanish.

Borealis. An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics

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Call for papers volume 4 (2015)

The grammar of tense and aspect  
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Call for papers Volume 3

We already accept submissions for the third volume, whose thematic section will be about mood and aspect in Spanish  
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Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Compounding and variational morphology: the analysis of inflection in Spanish compounds PDF
Cristina Buenafuentes 1-21
Bare adjectives as syncretic forms PDF
Avel·lina Suñer, Angela Di Tullio 23-47
Qualia Structure in Spanish Prepositional Verbs: When the verb resorts to a preposition PDF
Zoltan Zato 49-81
“¡No!” La negación en el español de Cuba y en el portugués brasileño bajo la perspectiva pragmática de la cortesía PDF
Mercedes Causse Cathcart, Lílian Rodrigues de Almeida 83-102

Articles on the monographic topic

The subjunctive, a marker of 'subordinance'? A comparison between German and Spanish PDF
Hans Jörg Busch 103-123
Interpretation and grammar interaction in the Spanish subjunctive adjuncts PDF
Jeannette Sanchez-Naranjo 125-154


Dominican 'ello' as a non-deleted null expletive PDF
Carlos Muñoz Pérez 155-161