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Borealis – An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics

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Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics is born with the double goal of providing a venue for the publication and discussion of research results on all areas of Contemporary Hispanic linguistics and giving researchers easy access to high quality articles dealing with some of the most crucial unresolved issues about the Spanish language. Borealis publishes original papers both in theoretical and applied linguistics about all varieties of Spanish. The journal has a chief editor, several associate editors and a scientific and advisory board.

Borealis. An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics

ISSN 1893-3211



Call for papers volume 4 (2015)

The grammar of tense and aspect  
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Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Articles on the monographic topic

Perfect States PDF
Ángeles Carrasco 1-30
Negation of resultative and progressive periphrases PDF
Raquel González Rodríguez 31-56
The semantics of degree verbs and the telicity issue PDF
Eugenio Civardi, Pier Marco Bertinetto 57-77


Tipos de MDO en los verbos psicológicos del español PDF
Bárbara Marqueta Gracia 79-98
Not all forms of dialect contact are the same: Effects of regional media, travel, and social contacts on the perception of Spanish aspirated-/s/ PDF
Lauren B. Schmidt 99-120


'Ser' focalizador como mezcolanza sintactica PDF
Miguel Vázquez-Larruscaín 121-136