Open Science Talk <p>Open Science Talk is a podcast about Open Science, Open Access, Open Education, Open Data, Open Software … pretty much «open anything». We invite guests to explain different topics or share with us some of their research practises and reflections related to Open Science.</p> Septentrio Academic Publishing en-US Open Science Talk 2703-674X OPENPOLAR.NO <div class="sc-type-small sc-text-body"> <p>In this episode, we discuss the new service Open Polar: The Global Open Access Portal for Research Data and Publications on the Arctic and Antarctic (<a title="" href=";token=3cc101-1-1630053468875" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener ugc"></a>). Presenting only freely available documents on the Arctic and Antarctic, Open Polar is a thematic search engine that can be a useful tool for both researchers and decision makers. Tamer Abu-Alam explains the reasons for filtering out all research documents that are not available in open access, thereby promoting open science. Of the 1,8 million records currently included in Open Polar, approx. 22,5 percent are research datasets, which makes the service unique.</p> <p>First published online August 30, 2021.</p> </div> Tamer Abu-Alam Per Pippin Aspaas Copyright (c) 2021 Tamer Abu-Alam; Per Pippin Aspaas 2021-08-30 2021-08-30 37 10.7557/19.5954