Open Science Talk <p>Open Science Talk is a podcast about Open Science, Open Access, Open Education, Open Data, Open Software … pretty much «open anything». We invite guests to explain different topics or share with us some of their research practises and reflections related to Open Science.</p> en-US (Septentrio Academic Publishing) (Per Pippin Aspaas) Wed, 20 Mar 2024 17:19:28 +0100 OJS 60 The European Landscape of Institutional Publishing <p>This episode of Open Science Talk deals with Diamond Open Access publishing services provided by instutitions. The EU-funded project DIAMAS (Developing Institutional Open Acces Publisihing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication) has recently published a 240-page landscape report on «<a href="">Institutional Publishing in the E[uropean] R[esearch] A[rea]; results from the DIAMAS survey</a>». Work Package leader Jan Erik Frantsvåg discusses the main findings of the report together with Sona Arasteh, co-author of a <a href="">synopsis</a> of the same report, comprising 30 richly illustrated pages. In the discussion, the landscape report and its synopsis is contextualized alongside an earlier study on the global landscape of Diamond Open Access Publishing; on-going projects such as DIAMAS’ sister projects CRAFT-OA and PALOMERA; and plans for capacity building for Diamond Open Access Publishing on global, regional and national levels.</p> <p>Digital recording, unfortunately with problematic sound quality. First published online: Feb 13, 2024.</p> Sona Arasteh, Jan Erik Frantsvåg, Per Pippin Aspaas Copyright (c) 2024 Sona Arasteh, Jan Erik Frantsvåg, Per Pippin Aspaas Tue, 13 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0100