Email templates

When you send emails via OJS, you can use texts prepared beforehand - email templates. An overview of all templates (also for the automatic emails that the system sends out) can be found at Settings > Workflow > Emails.

For each email template, there is a description of when the template is used and which settings must be activated elsewhere in the system for the template to be used. If you click on the downward-"arrow" beside the template title and click Edit, you will see the whole description.

It is possible to change the template, if you need it. But please edit with care - so you do not delete necessary elements, or insert text that actually belongs in another template, for another purpose.

If you edit a template, do not delete content in {$...}, e.g. {$submissionTitle} or {$reviewDueDate}. The content in the curly brackets is inserted automatically by the system for each email, based on the submission's metadata and the settings activated elsewhere in the system.

Read more about email templates in OJS.

Email templates associated with the peer review process

Among the email templates associated with the peer review process, there are several templates with the same template, e.g. "Article Review Request" and it can be challenging to navigate in these templates.

There is a code under a template, e.g. REVIEW_REQUEST, REVIEW_REQUEST_ATTACHED, REVIEW_REQUEST_ONECLICK. Ignore the templates with "ATTACHED" in the code - this function has not been developed for the current version of OJS (OJS 3.3). If you have not activated one-click reviewer access in the settings for the review process, ignore the templates with "ONECLICK" in the code.

So, if you are looking for the template for automatic emails that are sent out to reviewers to remind them to reply to a request, you need the template "Article Review Request Reminder" with template code "REVIEW_REQUEST_REMIND_AUTO". 

For automatic remind-emails to reviewers who have agreed to review, but have not submitted the review by the deadline, look for the template "Automated Submission Review Reminder" with code "REVIEW_REMIND_AUTO". There is also a template for a non-automatic email for this purpose (when a section editor decided to send a reminder manually): template "Submission Review Reminder" with code "REVIEW_REMIND".