The Nansen Legacy Report Series <p>A report series by the The Nansen Legacy – a novel and holistic Arctic research project providing integrated scientific knowledge on the rapidly changing marine climate and ecosystem of the northern Barents Sea.&nbsp;</p> <p>The series includes Nansen Legacy cruise reports, workshop reports, annual project reports, sampling protocols and data management plans.&nbsp;</p> Septentrio Academic Publishing en-US The Nansen Legacy Report Series 2703-7525 Polar cod connectivity cruise 2022 <p>The Nansen Legacy Polar Cod Connectivity cruise aimed at unravelling polar cod and capelin population connectivity and relation to the physical and chemical environment in Svalbard’s fjords. The main focus areas were Isfjorden, Kongsfjorden, Storfjorden and the South-East of Svalbard. A total of 36 stations were visited to collect of information on polar cod and capelin vertical and horizontal distribution (using echosounder, pelagic and bottom trawls), their population, life cycle and size structure (observation of maturity, otoliths reading and genetic sampling), as well as their diet (stomachs content, sampling of benthic/planktonic prey).&nbsp;Other studies were conducted in link with the objectives of the research foci RF2 The Human Impacts and RF3 The Living Barents Sea. The cruise was also an opportunity to visit well-known monitoring stations to complete already long time series and investigate seasonal variability.&nbsp;</p> <p>The cruise started November 12th in Longyearbyen and ended in Tromsø on November 22nd, 2022. The first two days and a half were spent on multidisciplinary sampling in thirteen stations distributed in contrasted areas inside Isfjorden. A rockhopper gear strapping was installed after the first bottom trawl to avoid mud and rocks and kept for the whole cruise. There were some difficulties also with the grab which did not always close. It was possible to spend one day sampling Kongsfjorden, thanks to relatively good weather and low sea-ice conditions. However, the presence of cables on the seafloor and irregular and unsuitable bottom types in that fjord did not allow for bottom trawling to sample demersal and benthic communities. After approximately one day of steaming south in good weather conditions, the sampling continued in Storfjorden. However, the shallowest stations north of Storfjorden and on the way out of the fjord towards the South-East of the archipelago could not be sampled due to time constraints and difficult navigational access. Finally, five multidisciplinary stations could be sampled in the South-East of Svalbard before the two-days transit to Tromsø. Overall, most stations were visited. Polar cod largest fish were maturing, but not mature. Further analyses of the samples should unveil potential genetic differences across the fjords, and image analyses of plankton net samples will be able to detect if there were already eggs in the water column at the beginning of the dark season. There was very little signal on the echosounder during most of the cruise, but the extractive sampling revealed a diversity of communities in the different fjords.</p> Bérengère Husson Elena Eriksen Sissel Jentoft Erling Boge Katrine Borgå Melissa Chierici Jacob Christensen Sam Dupont Agneta Fransson Egil Frøyen Victor Gonzalez Triginer Siv Hoff Ketil Hylland Michelle C. Jackson Wanying Ji Elizabeth Jones Stine Karlson Gitte Krohn-Pettersen Michael Lemke Andreas Lunde Mathieu Lutier Samuel Macaulay Sanna Majaneva Luke Marsden Marius F. Maurstad James Orr Kim Præbel Nil Rhodes Annemijn Sandig Arunima Sen Leif C. Stige Janne E. Søreide Khuong Van Dinh Sverre Waardal Heum Jan Frode Wilhemsen Randi Ingvaldsen Copyright (c) 2023 Bérengère Husson, Elena Eriksen, Sissel Jentoft, Erling Boge, Katrine Borgå, Melissa Chierici, Jacob Christensen, Sam Dupont, Agneta Fransson, Egil Frøyen, Victor Gonzalez Triginer, Siv Hoff, Ketil Hylland, Michelle C. Jackson, Wanying Ji, Elizabeth Jones, Stine Karlson, Gitte Krohn-Pettersen, Michael Lemke, Andreas Lunde, Mathieu Lutier, Samuel Macaulay, Sanna Majaneva, Luke Marsden, Marius F. Maurstad, James Orr, Kim Præbel, Nil Rhodes, Annemijn Sandig, Arunima Sen, Leif C. Stige, Janne E. Søreide, Khuong Van Dinh, Sverre Waardal Heum, Jan Frode Wilhemsen, Randi Ingvaldsen 2023-01-31 2023-01-31 37 10.7557/nlrs.6944