The Nansen Legacy Report Series <p>A report series by the The Nansen Legacy – a novel and holistic Arctic research project providing integrated scientific knowledge on the rapidly changing marine climate and ecosystem of the northern Barents Sea.&nbsp;</p> <p>The series includes Nansen Legacy cruise reports, workshop reports, annual project reports, sampling protocols and data management plans.&nbsp;</p> Septentrio Academic Publishing en-US The Nansen Legacy Report Series 2703-7525 Paleo Cruise 2018 <p><span lang="EN-GB">The Nansen Legacy paleo cruise was carried out from September 26 to October 20, 2018 with RV “Kronprins Haakon”. The cruise took place in the northern Barents Sea and the Nansen Basin, and it went through the sea ice to 83.3 N. The overriding objective of the cruise was to reconstruct the natural variability and range of sea ice cover and Atlantic Water through flow in the Barents Sea on longer time scales. During the cruise four ocean moorings were deployed in northwest Barents Sea, where one ARGO float was also deployed. Twelve “paleo stations” were identified using multibeam and sub bottom profilers. At these stations, short and long sediment cores were obtained. This cruise report gives an overview of methods used and samples taken.&nbsp;</span></p> Katrine Husum Ulysses Ninnemann Tom Arne Rydningen Elisabeth Alve Naima E B Altuna Anna Hauge Braaten Vårin Trælvik Eilertsen Viviana Gamboa Marianne R Kjøller Lisa Orme Sunniva Rutledal Allyson Tessin Mark Zindorf Copyright (c) 2020 Katrine Husum, Ulysses Ninnemann, Tom Arne Rydningen, Elisabeth Alve, Naima E B Altuna, Anna Hauge Braaten, Vårin Trælvik Eilertsen, Viviana Gamboa, Marianne R Kjøller, Lisa Orme, Sunniva Rutledal, Allyson Tessin, Mark Zindorf 2020-07-02 2020-07-02 3 10.7557/nlrs.5502