The Nansen Legacy Report Series <p>A report series by the The Nansen Legacy – a novel and holistic Arctic research project providing integrated scientific knowledge on the rapidly changing marine climate and ecosystem of the northern Barents Sea.&nbsp;</p> <p>The series includes Nansen Legacy cruise reports, workshop reports, annual project reports, sampling protocols and data management plans.&nbsp;</p> Septentrio Academic Publishing en-US The Nansen Legacy Report Series 2703-7525 Seasonal cruise Q2 2021 <p>The spring season was the target for the Nansen Legacy cruise organized in late April and first half of May 2021 following the transect defined for this series of cruises to capture the variations of the year sampling physical, biological and chemical conditions in the ice and the sea. The transect went through both open water and ice. Seven process stations were visited (P1 through P7) together with smaller NLEG stations according to the program for the seasonal investigations. The first station (P1) was in open waters, while the remaining six main station had ice coverage of varying degree. Each of the process stations lasted 24 hours or more to allow a full diurnal cycle. Sampling included ice physics, ice samples, phytoplankton, zooplankton, marine chemistry and eco toxicology using acoustic, optical and robotics methods together with lab analyses of physical samples. Remote sensing data were also matched with in situ observations of both sea and ice conditions.</p> Martin Ludvigsen Philipp Assmy Matthew James Samuel Adams Martí Amargant-Arumí Tore Mo-Bjørkelund Yasemin Bodur Jens Einar Bremnes Snorre Flo Christine Gawinski Julia Giebichtenstein Elisabeth Halvorsen Maja Hatlebakk Silvia Hess Haakon Hop Polona Itkin Elizabeth Jones Konrad Karlsson Amalia Keck Doreen Kohlbach Stephen Gustav Kohler Rupert Krapp Peter Leopold Miriam Marquardt Eric Jorda Molina Robynne Nowicki Lasse Mork Olsen Griselda Anglada Ortiz Tristan Petit Thaise Ricardo de Freitas Karoline Saubrekka Arunima Sen Adam Steer Natalie Summers Stefan Thiele Helene Thorstensen Mikko Vihtakari Copyright (c) 2022 Miriam Marquardt 2022-09-08 2022-09-08 34 10.7557/nlrs.6689