Crystals of Knowledge Production. An Intercontinental Conversation about Open Science and the Humanities

Niels Stern, Jean-Claude Guédon, Thomas Wiben Jensen

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Open access; open science; humanities; science history; journal publishing; digitization; knowledge distribution; communication


In this article two scholars engage in a conversation about open access and open science in research communication with a specific focus on the Humanities. 

The two scholars have very different points of departure. Whereas Jean-Claude Guedón has been a professor of Literature in North-America for many years and part of the open access movements since its beginning, Thomas Wiben Jensen is in the early part of his carreer and fairly new to the concept of open access. 

The conversation begins with a focus on the Danish national strategy for open access and this strategy's consquenses for the journal NyS where Thomas Wiben is part of the editorial board. However, the conversation brings the reader on an unexpected journey through the history of science communication and through alternative ways of understanding knowledge production as frozen moments or crystals in the Great Conversation of science.

It is the hope of the editor and the contributors that the conversation can lead to a debate about innovative ways of communicating and distributing scientific results. 


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