Offsetting: no big deal?




offsetting deals


In this paper I will discuss offsetting deals from their impact on accessibility, affordability to research results and on the possible development of scientific communication towards new modes and methods. I will look at the Swedish National Consortia’s offsetting deals as a specific case study.



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Author Biography

Jörgen Eriksson, Lund University Library

Eriksson has worked with the development of Internet-based information services at the Lund university Library, Sweden and the Danish Electronic Research Library since ca 1995. In 2002 Eriksson became involved in the Open Access movement professionally when he became responsible for the set-up and running of an institutional repository and publication registration service at Lund University. Not only working with the “soft” OA-issues Eriksson was also active in the development of a repository software at Lund University which today is jointly developed at the universities at Ghent and Bielefeld and available as open source. He was also involved in the early development of DOAJ. 2008–13 Eriksson was head of the Department of Scientific Communication at Lund University Library. Among other things the department supports the university open access policy by promoting open access through advocacy and by supporting self-archiving in the local repository and gold OA-publishing through a central fund for article processing costs. 2014– onwards Eriksson has mainly worked with publication registration, data quality and interoperability issues related to local CRIS and repository services. He has also been much involved in the management of the local APC fund.


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