Issue Title
Vol 20 (2000): Special Issue No. 12 Wetland habitat selection by woodland caribou as characterized using the Alberta Wetland Inventory Abstract
W. Kent Brown, W. James Rettie, Bob Wynes, Kim Morton
Vol 34, No 1 (2014) Population characteristics, space use and habitat selection of two non-migratory caribou herds in central Alaska, 1994 - 2009 Abstract  PDF
Jon S. Horne, Tim Craig, Kyle Joly, Glenn W. Stout, Merben R. Cebrian, Edward O. Garton
Rangifer Report No. 10 (2005) Habitat use by domestic reindeer in relation to food quality and disturbance - need for research? (In Swedish with Summary in English) Abstract  PDF
Christina Skarpe, Duncan Halley
Vol 30, No 1 (2010) An Analysis of Government Actions for the Protection and Recovery of Forest-dwelling Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Ontario, Canada Abstract  PDF
Christopher J.A. Wilkinson
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Woodland caribou persistence and extirpation in relic populations on Lake Superior Abstract  PDF
Arthur T. Bergerud, W. J. Dalton, H. Butler, L. Camps, R. Ferguson
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Developing a woodland caribou habitat mosaic on the Ogoki-Nakina North Forests of northwestern Ontario Abstract  PDF
I. Armstrong, G. Swant, H.R. Timmermann
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Mapping caribou habitat north of the 51st parallel in Québec using Landsat imagery Abstract  PDF
Stéphanie Chalifoux, Isabelle Saucier, G. Jean Doucet, Pierre Lamothe
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Development of a preliminary habitat assessment and planning tool for mountain caribou in southeast British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Clayton D. Apps, Trevor A. Kinley
Vol 12, No 3 (1992) Aspects of golden takin ecology in the Qinling Mountains, China  PDF
Pamela Groves
Vol 10 (1990): Special Issue No. 3 Managing second-growth forests as caribou habitat Abstract  PDF
Susan K. Stevenson
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Assessing the length of the post-disturbance recovery period for woodland caribou habitat after fire and logging in west-central Manitoba Abstract  PDF
Juha M. Metsaranta
Vol 37, No 1 (2017) An uncertain future for woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou): The impact of climate change on winter distribution in Ontario Abstract  PDF
Sara Masood, Thomas M. Van Zuiden, Arthur R. Rodgers, Sapna Sharma
Vol 20 (2000): Special Issue No. 12 Session Six - Habitat  PDF
Twentythree Authors
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Reindeer avoidance of pasture contaminated with sheep and reindeer faeces Abstract  PDF
Jonathan E. Colman, Svein Storlien, Stein R. Moe, Øystein Holand, Eigil Reimers
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Ecosystem management and the conservation of caribou habitat in British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Dale R. Seip
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 The influence of snow depth and hardness on winter habitat selection by caribou on the southwest coast of Newfoundland Abstract  PDF
Brian Tucker, Shane Mahoney, Bill Greene, Eric Menchenton, Lloyd Russell
Vol 35 (2015): Special Issue No. 23 Biodiversity offsets and caribou conservation in Alberta: opportunities and challenges Abstract  PDF
Christine B. Robichaud, Kyle H. Knopff
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Attributes of Woodland Caribou Migration Habitat in West-Central British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Art N. Lance, Barry Mills
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Vegetation characteristics of forest stands used by woodland caribou and those disturbed by fire or logging in Manitoba Abstract  PDF
Juha M. Metsaranta, Frank F. Mallory, Dale W. Cross
Vol 30, No 1 (2010) Translocation of reindeer from South Georgia to the Falkland Islands Abstract  PDF
Cameron M. Bell, Robert A. Dieterich
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 An integrated assessment of Porcupine caribou seasonal distribution, movements, and habitat preferences for regional land use planning in northern Yukon Territory, Canada Abstract  PDF
John L. Ryder, Philippa McNeil, Jeff Hamm, Wendy A. Nixon, Don Russell, Shawn R. Francis
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Preliminary assessment of habitat characteristics of woodland caribou calving areas in the Claybelt region of Québec and Ontario, Canada Abstract  PDF
Émilie Lantin, Pierre Drapeau, Marcel Paré, Yves Bergeron
Vol 28, No 1 (2008) Ancient wild reindeer pitfall trapping systems as indicators for former migration patterns and habitat use in the Dovre region, southern Norway Abstract  PDF
Per Jordhøy
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Determining effects of an all weather logging road on winter woodland caribou habitat use in south-eastern Manitoba Abstract  PDF
Doug W. Schindler, David Walker, Tim Davis, Richard Westwood
Vol 28, No 1 (2008) Decay rate of reindeer pellet-groups Abstract  PDF
Anna Skarin
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 Insights for caribou/reindeer management using optimal foraging theory Abstract  PDF
Gary E. Belovsky
Vol 31 (2011): Special Issue No. 19 Land management strategies for the long-term persistence of boreal woodland caribou in central Saskatchewan Abstract  PDF
A. Alan Arsenault, Micheline Manseau
Vol 28, No 1 (2008) An examination of recovery planning for forest-dwelling woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Ontario, Canada Abstract  PDF
Christopher J. A. Wilkinson
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Status of woodland caribou in Saskatchewan Abstract  PDF
Jim Rettie, Terry Rock, Francois Messier
Vol 11, No 2 (1991) The characteristics of muskox late winter habitat in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska  PDF
Kenneth J. Wilson, David R. Klein
Vol 31, No 1 (2011) Woodland caribou calf recruitment in relation to calving/post-calving landscape composition Abstract  PDF
Sara C. McCarthy, Robert B. Weladji, Christine Doucet, Paul Saunders
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Woodland caribou population decline in Alberta: fact or fiction? Abstract  PDF
Corey J.A. Bradshaw, Daryll M. Hebert
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 The effects of human land use on the winter habitat of the recovering Carcross woodland caribou herd in suburban Yukon Territory, Canada Abstract  PDF
Rob Florkiewicz, Ramona Maraj, Troy Hegel, Marcus Waterreus
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Use of satellite telemetry to evaluate movements of caribou within subsistence hunting areas in northern Alaska Abstract  PDF
Alexander K. Prichard, Geoffry M. Carroll, John C. George, Stephen M. Murphy, Mike D. Smith, Robert S. Suydam, David A. Yokel
Vol 12, No 3 (1992) Characteristics of caribou feeding craters in burned and unburned habitat on the Selawik flats, Alaska  PDF
L. B. Saperstein, D. R. Klein
Vol 10 (1990): Special Issue No. 3 Activity budgets, food habits and habitat selection of the Porcupine Caribou Herd during the summer insect season  PDF
D. E. Russell, W. A. Nixon
Vol 25 (2005): Special Issue No. 16 Movement pathways and habitat selection by woodland caribou during spring migration Abstract  PDF
D. Joanne Saher, Fiona K.A. Schmiegelow
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Successful and unsuccessful attempts to resolve caribou management and timber harvesting issues in west central Alberta Abstract  PDF
David Hervieux, Janet Edmonds, Richard Bonar, Jim McCammon
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Managing fire for woodland caribou in Jasper and Banff National Parks Abstract  PDF
Landon Shepherd, Fiona Schmiegelow, Ellen Macdonald
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Effectiveness of spatial mitigation for the George River Caribou Herd within the military training area of Labrador and Québec Abstract  PDF
Perry G. Trimper, Tony E. Chubbs
Vol 20, No 1 (2000) Habitat use by caribou in northern Alberta, Canada Abstract  PDF
Richard R. Schneider, B. Wynes, S. Wasel, E. Dzus, H. Hiltz
Vol 25 (2005): Special Issue No. 16 Mountain pine beetles and emerging issues in the management of woodland caribou in Westcentral British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Deborah Cichowski, Patrick Williston
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Managing for Caribou Survival in a Partitioned Habitat Abstract  PDF
H.G. Cumming
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Comparison of seasonal habitat selection between threatened woodland caribou ecotypes in central British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Elena S. Jones, Michael P. Gillingham, Dale R. Seip, Douglas C. Heard
Vol 20 (2000): Special Issue No. 12 Woodland caribou range occupancy in northwestern Ontario: past and present Abstract  PDF
G.D. Racey, T. Armstrong
Vol 12, No 2 (1992) Pastures, calf production and carcass weights of reindeer calves in the Oraniemi co-operative, Finnish Lapland Abstract  PDF
Jouko Kumpula, Mauri Nieminen
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Will ecosystem management supply woodland caribou habitat in northwestern Ontario? Abstract  PDF
David L. Euler
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Towards a Caribou Habitat Management Strategy for Northwestern Ontario: Running the Gauntlet Abstract  PDF
Gerald D. Racey, Edward R. Armstrong
Vol 12, No 1 (1992) Comparative patterns of winter habitat use by muskoxen and caribou  PDF
M. E. Biddlecomb, D. R. Klein
Vol 6 (1986): Special Issue No. 1 Groups versus individuals in the determination of caribou distribution Abstract  PDF
K. R. Whitten, R. D. Cameron
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Early Winter Habitat Use by Mountain Caribou in the North Cariboo and Columbia Mountains, British Columbia Abstract  PDF
E. Terry, B. McLellan, G. Watts, J. Flaa
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 The use of satellite images to estimate snow depth and distribution on the forested winter range of the Beverly caribou herd Abstract  PDF
Laurence Turney, Douglas C. Heard
Vol 35 (2015): Special Issue No. 23 Habitat Restoration as a Key Conservation Lever for Woodland Caribou: A review of restoration programs and key learnings from Alberta Abstract  PDF
Paula Bentham, Brian Coupal
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Caribou calf weight gain in relation to habitat use on summer range  PDF
Brad Griffith, Noreen E. Walsh, Thomas R. McCabe
Vol 6 (1986): Special Issue No. 1 Movements of tagged and radio-instrumented wild reindeer in relation to habitat alteration in the Snøhetta region, Norway Abstract  PDF
Terje Skogland
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Multi-scale habitat selection by mountain caribou in West Central Alberta Abstract  PDF
Tara Szkorupa, Fiona Schmiegelow
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Habitat partitioning between woodland caribou and moose in Ontario: the potential role of shared prédation risk Abstract  PDF
H.G. Cumming, D.B. Beange, G. Lavoie
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 The need for the management of wolves — an open letter Abstract  PDF
Arthur T. Bergerud
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Seasonal habitat use and movements of woodland caribou in the Omineca Mountains, north central British Columbia, 1991-1993 Abstract  PDF
Mari D. Wood
Vol 6 (1986): Special Issue No. 1 Distribution, activity and range use of male caribou in early summer in Northern Yukon, Canada Abstract  PDF
Arthur M. Martell, Wendy Nixon, Donald E. Russell
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Caribou distribution during calving in the northeast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, June 1998 to 2000 Abstract  PDF
Lynn E. Noel, John C. George
Vol 16, No 2 (1996) Fire - caribou - winter range relationships in northern Canada Abstract  PDF
D.C. Thomas, S.J. Barry, G. Alaie
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 In search of a critical habitat concept for woodland caribou, boreal population Abstract  PDF
Gerald D. Racey, A. Alan Arsenault
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Preliminary analysis of habitat utilization by woodland caribou in northwestern Ontario using satellite telemetry Abstract  PDF
T.L. Hillis, F.F. Mallory, W.J. Dalton, J. Smiegielski
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 The Mountain Caribou in Managed Forests Program: Integrating forestry and habitat management in British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Susan K. Stevenson, Kenneth N. Child, Glen S. Watts, Eliot L. Terry
Vol 6 (1986): Special Issue No. 1 Distribution and habitat use of the Bluenose caribou herd in mid-winter Abstract  PDF
D. R. Carruthers, S. H. Ferguson, R. D. Jakimchuk, L. G. Sopuck
Vol 13, No 1 (1993) Comparative habitat selection by muskoxen introduced to northeastern Alaska and the Taimyr Peninsula, Russia Abstract  PDF
David R. Klein, Gregory D. Yakushkin, Elina B. Pospelova
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Analysis of forest stands used by wintering woodland caribou in Ontario Abstract  PDF
K. Antoniak, H.G. Cumming
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 Forestry and caribou in British Columbia Abstract  PDF
Susan K. Stevenson
Vol 31 (2011): Special Issue No. 19 The West Central Alberta Woodland Caribou Landscape Plan: Using a Modeling Approach to Develop Alternative Scenarios Abstract  PDF
Anne Hubbs, Piotr Weclaw, Michael Sullivan, Nicole McCutchen
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Use of summer habitat by caribou on the north slope of a mountain near the Macmillan Pass, N.W.T. Abstract  PDF
James F. Quayle, G. Peter Kershaw
Vol 13, No 1 (1993) The introduction of reindeer to Brøggerhalvøya, Svalbard: grazing preference and effect on vegetation Abstract  PDF
H. Staaland, J. O. Scheie, F. A. Grøndahl, E. Persen, A. B. Leifseth, Ø. Holand
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Trade-offs between wood supply and caribou habitat in northwestern Ontario Abstract  PDF
Daniel McKenney, Bryan Nippers, Gerald Racey, Rob Davis
Vol 11 (1991): Special Issue No. 7 Can woodland caribou and the forest industry coexist: The Ontario scene Abstract  PDF
Gerald D. Racey, K. Abraham, W. R. Darby, H. R. Timmermann, Q. Day
Vol 31 (2011): Special Issue No. 19 Modeling influences on winter distribution of caribou in northwestern Alaska through use of satellite telemetry Abstract  PDF
Kyle Joly
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Human impacts on George River Caribou: An Overview Abstract  PDF
Fred H. Harrington
Vol 13, No 2 (1993) Vegetation biomass and habitat selection by a newly introduced population of muskoxen in northern Quebec Abstract  PDF
René Nault, Carole Mathieu, Michel Crête
Vol 18 (1998): Special Issue No. 10 Caribou in British Columbia: A 1996 status report Abstract  PDF
Douglas C. Heard, Kathryn L. Vagt
Vol 16 (1996): Special Issue No. 9 Canopy, snow, and lichens on woodland caribou range in southeastern Manitoba Abstract  PDF
James A. Schaefer
Vol 27 (2007): Special Issue No.17 Changes in vegetative cover on Western Arctic Herd winter range from 1981 to 2005: potential effects of grazing and climate change Abstract  PDF
Kyle Joly, Randi R. Jandt, Cynthia R. Meyers, Martha J. Cole
Vol 23 (2003): Special Issue No. 14 Winter range drift in the George River Caribou Herd: a response to summer forage limitation? Abstract  PDF
Isabelle Schmelzer, Robert Otto
Vol 12, No 3 (1992) Seasonal differences in the distribution and movements of muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in northeastern Alaska  PDF
Patricia E. Reynolds
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