The Swedish Societas Literaria et Scientiarum and the second decade of its Acta (1730–1739); Summary of contents pertaining to the aurora borealis




The sixteenth volume in the series presents all articles on the aurora borealis that were published in the journal of the Swedish Societas Regia Literaria et Scientiarum (now Kungl. Vetenskaps-Societeten i Uppsala) from 1730 to 1739. The articles are by the society’s secretary, the professor of astronomy in Uppsala, Anders (in Latin: Andreas) Celsius and by several other Swedish professionals and amateurs of science. In the introduction to this volume, neo-Latinist and historian of science Per Pippin Aspaas summarizes the contents of all articles dealing with the aurora and presents extracts of these texts in English translation. He also provides a short history of the society in the period and gives brief presentations of Anders Celsius, Herman Spöring, Sven Hof, Johan Göstaf Hallman, Johan Sparschuch and Nils Wallerius as auroral researchers.


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Author Biography

Per Pippin Aspaas, UiT The Arctic University of Norway / Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien

Aspaas works at the University Library of UiT in Tromsø, Norway. Part of his work on this volume was made during a two-month research fellowship at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Neulateinische Studien in Innsbruck, Austria.