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Cruise reports

No. 30 (2022): Joint Cruise 2-2 2021: Cruise report

Joint Cruise 2-2 2021: Cruise Report

January 2, 2022


The main scientific goal of the Nansen Legacy JC2-2 cruise was to extend the project’s research activities from the northern Barents Sea shelf into the central Arctic Ocean. Specifically, JC2-2 addressed objectives of the research foci RF1, RF2 and RF3 by jointly collecting interdisciplinary samples and data at five process (P) and in-between NLEG stations extending northward from the previously northernmost station P7. We had a special focus on sea ice and the upper ocean as well as connectivity to the mid and deep water column and underlying sediments in early autumn. In addition, JC2-2 explored the role of transport of elements and organisms from the Siberian shelves through the Transpolar Drift in the Amundsen Basin. Experiments were an important part of the cruise and were designed to measure and quantify relevant processes and their rates. This cruise was also a Norwegian contribution to the international Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) and took place at the same time as the Swedish icebreaker Oden was on their SAS expedition in the nearby region between Northeast Greenland and the North Pole.