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Cruise reports

No. 29 (2022): Seasonal cruise Q1 2021: Cruise report

Seasonal Cruise Q1 2021: Cruise Report

February 8, 2022


The Nansen Legacy cruise Q1 (Q1: 1st quarter of the year) was part of the seasonal investigation of the northern Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic Basin. The cruise was conducted in March 2021, and focused on comparing the physical, chemical and biological conditions along the Nansen Legacy main transect in open waters and within the sea ice. The cruise addressed objectives of the Nansen Legacy work packages ‘Physical drivers’ (Research Focus 1), ‘Human impact’ (Research Focus 2) and ‘The living Barents Sea’ (Research Focus 3). In total, seven process stations (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 and P7) were conducted, with some more additional (NLEG) stations in-between.