A matter of distribution: APC logic against consortial funding mechanism

Martin Paul Eve

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7557/5.4240


Article and Book Processing Charges have become one of the most common mechanisms for paying for gold open access. It is envisaged that this looks like a “flip” from a purchase model to a service model. However, the change in distribution that is effected in such a transition is substantial.

In this talk, I will examine the economic distributions of APC mechanisms as opposed to consortial funding. I take examples from the monograph and journal publishing spaces. I also examine the distributional changes from the UK’s Research Excellence Framework’s proposed mandate for monographs. I finally then ask what the actual costs are in running a small scholarly publisher and how the distributional changes implied by APCs – a move from fixed costs to unit costs – hit such entities.

In all, this talk aims to provoke discussion about alternative models and mitigating strategies for collectively underwriting open access.


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