What is Plan S?

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In this episode of the podcast, we discuss Plan S. The initiative brings together eleven top national research funders, plus the European Research Council, in an effort to release some of the world’s highest quality and highest impact research from behind journal paywalls.

This episode was first published 26 September 2018.

Author Biographies

Jan Erik Frantsvåg

Jan Erik is an economist with a long past in the university administration. Currently, he works with Open Access at the University Library of Tromsø, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, – among other things with support for Septentrio Academic Publishing, UiT's library-based open access publishing service. Jan Erik holds various national and international positions in the open access community.

He has also engaged himself in several discussions on Plan S as of recently. You can read one of his contributions here (Norwegian). Or you can read more on Plan S and the initiative here.

Erik Lieungh, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Erik Lieungh is a digital adviser at the University Library and the host and editor of Open Science Talk.

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