The Future of Open Science




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The topic of this episode is the future of Open Science, and what it is like to be an outspoken critic of the current publishing system. Our guest is Jon Tennant, paleontologist, independent researcher and the founder of Open Science MOOC. The host of this episode is Erik Lieungh.

This episode was first published 21 December 2018.

Author Biographies

Jon Tennant, Open Science MOOC

Dr. Jon Tennant completed his award-winning PhD at Imperial College London. His research focused on patterns of diversity and extinction in deep time and the biological, geological and environmental drivers of these patterns, as well as the early evolution of crocodiles. He is the founder of paleorXiv, a digital publishing platform, and the Open Science MOOC, a peer-to-peer community around open research practices.

For 2 years, Tennant was the Communications Director for ScienceOpen, and he has given dozens of talks, webinars and workshops about all things Open Science. He is also a freelance science writer and consultant and author of the kids’ dinosaur book Excavate Dinosaurs.

Tennant was a keynote speaker at the 14th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing.

Erik Lieungh, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Erik Lieungh is a digital adviser at the University Library and the host and editor of Open Science Talk.



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