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  • Just de Leeuwe TU Delft Library
  • Anke Versteeg TU Delft Library




OA fund


TU Delft advocates Open Access, intended to enable free and unlimited access to scientific publications. In 2005 TU Delft signed the Berlin Declaration, the moral charter of the Open Access movement. An institution has various means of promoting Open Access among its own staff. One such means is a fund to which scientists can apply if they wish to share their publications. Authors wishing to publish Open Access will almost always be required to pay the publisher an author fee. In 2008 TU Delft set up a small-scale experimental OA fund. The theory behind this was that while scientists (represented by a faculty or research group) remain responsible for financing OA publications, the fund offers valuable backing.

Author Biographies

Just de Leeuwe, TU Delft Library

Product Manager

Anke Versteeg, TU Delft Library

Account Manager