A survey of the research data management in Austria


  • Barbara Sánchez Solís




In early 2015, the scientific and artistic-scientific personnel at all 21 universities and three non-university research institutions in Austria received the call to participate in an Austria-wide survey relating to research data. The survey was conducted within the project entitled e-Infrastructures Austria and facilitated the collection of the practical handling of digital data. The findings from this survey form the basis for a consecutive optimization of the infrastructures and services available in this field, in accordance with needs that have been expressed.

Solid research data management is the foundation of cooperative and open research and thus of its comprehensibility and verifiability. The subject is equally relevant and current for researchers, funding bodies and senior posts of scientific institutions.

The poster visualizes the main findings of this ambitious survey. For the first time, the status quo of domestic data management is displayed in a representative manner crossing all disciplines. This can be used by individual institutions to derive organizational, structural or strategic measures for the development of infrastructures. On the other hand, it allows a co-ordinated, Austria-wide approach for identifying common areas of responsibility and for establishing central services.