OA: what’s the impact for the researcher, the library, and the publisher?


  • Elaine Devine
  • Carolyn Kirby




Publishing OA allows research to be read by anyone, anywhere. But how do authors understand the reach of their work, and what tools can they use to ensure it has the impact that they want it to?

Libraries are increasingly playing an integral role in managing the open access research output from their institutions, and librarians are often becoming the go-to person to support those publishing OA. How are library teams adapting to these developments and rising to the challenges?

What can the publisher do to support researchers in understanding the impact of their work, and librarians in having the right infrastructure to advocate OA within their institutions?

This presentation will examine the changing dynamic between publisher, library and researcher, drawing on case studies from across Europe, as well as suggesting tools which can help facilitate the OA process.