Reference models for e-infrastructures and related research data management: A use case from Austrian Universities


  • Raman Ganguly



Open Access, open Data, management of research data, policies development, open universities, information storage, dissemination of information, cultural policy


One goal of e-Infrastructures Austria, a project involving Austrian universities and non-university research institutions, is to find strategies for managing research data. We established a network of experts from libraries and IT services to develop architecture for efficient e-infrastructures and related reproach data management.

Based on our experience from years of running a repository project for research data, we have developed models for designing e-infrastructures for research data management. This model helps us to design technical and non-technical services for preserving data. In this poster, we will present ways of defining the world of data, workflows for data preservation and models for defining roles in the entire process.

These models help to structure different aspects for data preservation based on each data type. It is necessary to have different solutions for the different kinds of needs that researchers may have, whereas there must be alternate solutions for preventing sensitive data from being misused when handling petabytes of data.