Landscape study on open access monographs: Policies, funding and publishing in eight European countries




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The monograph is one of the most prestigious scholarly publication outlets – a hallmark of reputation, a tool for career progression and a means of disseminating fundamental ideas of scholarship. Open access policies from funders, publishers and institutions have been relatively quiet on monographs and other long form publications, predominantly focusing on journals. However the beginnings of a transition to open access for monographs has commenced and there are several projects and initiatives exploring and experimenting in this area.

I would like to report on an in-depth study covering eight European countries (including Norway, Finland and Denmark) that compares and contrasts the monograph publishing landscape, where policy on OA for monographs stands, and how OA monograph publishing is now moving quickly forward.

Librarians, who are increasingly being asked to support OA initiatives may be interested in the developments reported here.

The primary goal of the Landscape study was to assemble comparable data and analysis from Germany, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria and France. This includes the costs of OA books; the fees charged for OA books; the range of non-BPC models; the adoption of OA policies for books by funders (both public and private), universities, and publishers. An overview of OA book publishing along with a review of policies and mandates highlights the various national differences as well as similarities. While including examples from all eight countries the presentation will pay special attention to developments and experiments in the Nordic countries.

Financial support for the study came from Knowledge Exchange, the Current Research Information System in Norway (CRIStin), the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), and the French library consortium Couperin. Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN), Frances Pinter (KU Research) and Niels Stern (Nordic Council of Ministers) are joint Principal Investigators, with support from Lucy Montgomery (KU/Curtin University) and Ronald Snijder (OAPEN).

Author Biography

Niels Stern, Nordic Council of Ministers

Niels Stern ( is head of publishing at the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) which is the intergovernmental co-operation between the Nordic countries ( Since the beginning of the Millennium Niels has worked with e-publishing, open access and research communication. He has played a key role in several international open access projects and published articles and reports related to the subject - see Most recently he has published a landscape study on monographs and open access together with Dr. Frances Pinter (founder of Knowledge Unlatched) and Eelco Ferwerda (director of OAPEN foundation) - see Niels holds a Master of Arts in Nordic Literature (Univ. of Copenhagen) and a Master of Arts in Communications (Univ. of London).




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Stern, N. (2017). Landscape study on open access monographs: Policies, funding and publishing in eight European countries. Septentrio Conference Series, (1).