Metadata 2020: A collaborative effort to improve metadata quality in scholarly communications




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Over the last five years, scholarly publishing has turned its attention towards metadata; increasingly recognizing it as a strategic priority for digital development. In a 2017 Imbue Partners study based on interviews with industry leaders, metadata was identified as of the highest importance in digital transformation. With an understanding that metadata improvements can be most efficiently made in collaboration, scholarly communications communities are now convening to find ways to jointly improve metadata.

Metadata 2020 is a project-driven collaboration of over 120 individuals across scholarly communications, convening to find ways to improve metadata that is connected, reusable, and open for all research outputs. Having launched in September 2017, the collaboration now includes 5 community groups and 6 projects.

We include publishers, librarians, service providers, data publishers and repositories, researchers and funders in our work to advance metadata for scholarly communications, to ensure consideration of all stakeholder needs in scholarly communications.

In this presentation, we will outline some of the key observations of our community groups around the metadata challenges they face; and explain how these observations evolved into the formation of our 6 cross-community projects.  

The projects that we will briefly outline include:

  • Researcher Communications

  • Metadata Recommendations and Element Mappings

  • Defining the Terms We Use About Metadata

  • Incentives for Improving Metadata Quality

  • Shared Best Practice and Principles

  • Metadata Evaluation and Guidance

Giving a brief overview of the remit and progress to date of each project, we will invite participation from attendees, and provide information about when key resources and guidance will be made available to the communities we serve.


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Author Biographies

Rachael Lammey, Crossref

Rachael is Head of Community Outreach at Crossref. She works to organize LIVE local events, support Crossref Sponsoring Organizations and engage new communities in the work that Crossref does.

Dom Mitchell, DOAJ

Dom has worked extensively with the publisher and librarian communities both as a publisher, with the BMJ Publishing Group (UK), and as an account and project manager at HighWire Press - Stanford University (USA). He is the DOAJ Operations Manager - responsible for collaboration with DOAJ's publishers, for DOAJ's technical development, social media presence and its blog - and is Web Manager for COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Fiona Counsell, Taylor & Francis

Fiona has worked in the publishing industry for over nine years, mainly in editorial, managing and developing journals for Taylor & Francis. In 2016 Fiona joined Taylor & Francis’ Open Access team as Publisher and is now Head of Open Access Operations & Policy. She is responsible for Open Access operations, policy, advocacy, and infrastructure. Fiona is the Metadata 2020 Lead of the Incentives for Improving Metadata Quality Project.


Imbue Partners, ‘Industry Leaders’ Perspectives on the Digital Transformation Journey in Publishing’, 2017.




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