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Researchers need easier ways to acknowledge funding and other support for their work. Publishers want to enrich their metadata and aid new ways to discover and convey relationships between research outputs, people, organizations and funding. Research funders are crying out for better ways to share information about the grants they award, and for more reliable connections between grants and research outputs resulting from those grants. Analytics and reporting platforms need authoritative data to build graphs and other tools. Research institutions want to track the funded outputs of their researchers across multiple projects.

At the moment, this process relies a lot on manual data entry (eek) and a lot of leg-work. Hence gaps and frustrations exist. Because of this a global group of funders has been working with Crossref since 2017 to develop a robust, open, reliable registry of grant IDs and metadata. In this talk, Vanessa Fairhurst will give an overview of the how and why of the development of this new infrastructural component: from the initial demand, through community consultation and up to the current early adopter program Crossref is running in partnership with the Wellcome Trust and Europe PMC to link funding to outputs. This is a new community service, led by funders, provided by Crossref, which will provide systems across the scholarly network with a richer picture of research support.

Author Biography

Vanessa Fairhurst, Crossref

Vanessa Fairhurst joined Crossref in 2017 and is based at the Oxford office. As Community Outreach Manager, her role involves working closely with Crossref’s diverse global membership. This includes managing the Crossref Ambassador Programme, in-person ‘LIVE local’ events, multi-lingual webinars, and the online community forum. Prior to Crossref, Vanessa previously worked in International Development with a focus on access to scholarly information and research in developing countries.