Social considerations to make data FAIR-er: Understanding researchers’ views on data “misuse” and credit




open data, data sharing, FAIR data


While community infrastructure initiatives work to make it easier for researchers to manage and share their data, two cultural and social factors require our attention. Just 9% of researchers feel they get sufficient credit for data sharing, according to the 2018 State of Data survey. In the same survey, researcher’s concern about “misuse” of their data was the leading reason given for not sharing data. The 2019 State of Open Data survey (forthcoming, 2019) digs into both topics in more detail. Using this new data, this poster will outline researcher attitudes and concerns, exploring what researchers mean by “misuse”, their views on credit, and how we can practically address them. 

Author Biography

Samuel Winthrop, Springer Nature

Samuel Winthrop is a Journal Development Manager within the Research Data team at Springer Nature. Previously he was a Journal Development Editor for BioMed Central.


State of Open Data 2019 survey (forthcoming, 2019)