Research data management support

Experiences from UiT The Arctic University of Norway


  • Abdurhman Kelil Ali UiT The Arctic University of Norway



Good management and sharing of research data is a key principle for UiT The Arctic University of Norway, rooted in the value of increased transparency, reproducibility and reuse as well as increased quality of research. Meeting this aspiration requires operational support services, infrastructure, competence and a road map for different stakeholders. In line with these requirements, UiT has taken important steps to implement the ambition of FAIR research data management. These include the establishment of UiT Open Research Data archive in September 2016. Since then, more than 600 datasets with more than 5000 files have been uploaded, curated and made openly available. Moreover, UiT has been conducting a senior research data project that aims to preserve research data from senior researchers and make them available for future use. Additionally, UiT has adopted a policy for research data management that came into effect in September 2017. The poster outlines and reviews these and other efforts by UiT The Arctic University of Norway to provide support services for FAIR research data management.