”I skottgluggen” (In the Crenel)

a library podcast in higher military education


  • Malin Ekstrand Swedish Defence University
  • Johan Lundevall Swedish Defence University




learning strategies, teaching strategies, technology in learning, information literacy, ICT, flexible learning


As higher education learning environments need to become increasingly flexible, podcast technology is a creative way to entwine new pedagogical methods with ICT.1

For academic libraries a podcast, unlike textual content, can be beneficial as it keeps users in touch with library activities while doing something else.This is also perceived by students as useful, to be able to cover course content out of the classroom for example during their daily commute.2

In 2019, the Anna Lindh library podcast ”I skottgluggen” (”In the Crenel”) was launched as a joint project between ICT educators and librarians. With a targeted audience of students studying the newly introduced higher military programme at the Swedish Defence University, the primary aim of the podcast was to increase awareness and contextualize information literacy within warstudies. A second goal was to provide a successful example for teachers interested in exploring new technology in their own practice. This PechaKucha presentation will exemplify how an academic library incorporated creativity with new technologies to stimulate flexible learning. Our synopsis is to show the planning, production and experiences of a library podcast in information literacy education.


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