The Twin Dilemma

Successfully Operating a Scholar-Led Journal to Enable Discourse and Empower Researcher Development




diamond open access, scholar-led publishing, researcher development, academic-labour


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The presentation will explore the configuration of a long-running and successful scholar-led, diamond open-access, interdisciplinary journal Exchanges, published by the University of Warwick, which combines knowledge dissemination with contributor developmental goals. Drawing on experiential data, the presentation provides ethnographic insights into the mutually beneficial outcomes derived from recruiting post-graduate researcher ‘associate editors’ to work on the title. It also problematises the balance between potentially exploitative, collaborative editorial production within the context of necessary academic immaterial labour required to operate an interdisciplinary scholar-led title.


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Author Biography

Gareth Johnson, University of Warwick

Based at the University of Warwick, Gareth has been Managing Editor-in-Chief of the scholar-led, interdisciplinary Exchanges journal since early 2018. Possessing a doctorate in cultural academic publishing practices, his prior career includes extensive experience managing collaborative regional partnerships, as well as working in academic library and applied research roles. His research interests focus on power-relationships extant in the evolving scholarly academic publication practices, viewed from within social theory and political economic frameworks.


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Johnson, G. (2020). The Twin Dilemma: Successfully Operating a Scholar-Led Journal to Enable Discourse and Empower Researcher Development. Septentrio Conference Series, (4).