From Evaluated Outputs to Values-Embedded Practices

The Power of Focusing on Process in Scholarly Communication




research evaluation, humanities and social sciences, HSS, HuMetricsHSS, values-based evaluation



Currently, academia values what it can count: number of articles written, number of citations made, number of theses directed; number of euros or dollars received; in other words, it values what it can easily measure, and uses those numbers as a proxy for individual distinction within a competitive prestige economy. What if the individuals that make up the academic enterprise decided to focus on what we value, or purport to value (be that public scholarship, community engagement; openness and access; diversity, equity, and inclusion) instead? The HuMetricsHSS initiative promotes and supports one such alternative: a values-based, process-oriented approach to evaluative decision making in the academy, with a focus on the humanities and social sciences. Learn more about the history of the project, our current work, and our future plans in this talk.

Author Biography

Nicky Agate, University of Pennsylvania

Nicky Agate is the Snyder-Granader Assistant University Librarian for Research Data & Digital Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania and a co-PI on the HuMetricsHSS project. She holds a PhD in French Literature from New York University and an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa.