Living the POSI Life

In Conversation with Crossref’s Ed Pentz




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Inclusive and efficient open research depends on foundational open scholarly infrastructure. It has become increasingly clear that there is a class of shared infrastructure to enable open research that should be open, community-governed, sustainable and trusted by the research community.  However, to date there has been little clarity about how to assess, or even define, open scholarly infrastructure. As services that the scholarly community relies on and are essential to open research have been closed down or sold, it is imperative to understand and assess what constitutes open scholarly infrastructure.  

The Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure (POSI) were conceived to ensure that the stakeholders of a community-led organization or initiative have a clear say in setting its agenda and priorities, and can carefully close it down and start an alternative if needed. 

Join us in conversation with Ed Pentz, Executive Director of Crossref, to find out why the adoption of POSI is so significant for Crossref, how the organization currently meets the principles and what we will strive to do better, what this will mean for the future of Crossref and the wider community, and how you can get involved and learn more. 


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Author Biographies

Vanessa Fairhurst, Crossref

Vanessa Fairhurst joined Crossref in 2017 and is based in Oxford, UK. As Community Engagement Manager, her role involves working closely with Crossref’s diverse global membership. This includes managing the Crossref Ambassador Programme, in-person ‘LIVE’ events, multi-lingual webinars, and the online community forum. Prior to Crossref, Vanessa previously worked in International Development with a focus on access to scholarly information and research in developing countries. 

Ed Pentz, Crossref

Ed Pentz became Crossref's first Executive Director when the organization was founded in 2000 and manages all aspects of the organization to ensure that it fulfills its mission to make research outputs easy to find, cite, link and assess. Ed was Chair of the ORCID board of directors from 2014-2017 and is current Treasurer of the International DOI Foundation. Prior to joining Crossref, Ed held electronic publishing, editorial and sales positions at Harcourt Brace in the US and UK and managed the launch of Academic Press’s first online journal, the Journal of Molecular Biology, in 1995. Ed has a degree in English Literature from Princeton University and lives in Oxford, England.


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