Recommendation and implementation of good practice in researcher evaluation in Finland




Responsible research assessment, equity, diversity and inclusion, rewards and incentives, peer review, research metrics



Finland is among the first countries to have developed national recommendation on responsible research assessment in 2020. Recommendation for the Responsible Evaluation of a Researcher in Finland provides a set of general principles (transparency, integrity, fairness, competence, and diversity), which apply throughout 13 recommended good practices to improve four aspects of researcher evaluation: A) Building the evaluation process; B) Evaluation of research; C) Diversity of activities; and D) Researcher’s role in the evaluation process. The national recommendation was produced by a broad-based working-group constituted by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, however the implementation needs to take place at institutions, which all have their diverse circumstances, challenges, needs and goals. The national recommendation has an implementation plan, which includes development of national level infrastructures and services to support more qualitative and diverse assessments policies and practices locally. The institutional uptake of the recommendation will be promoted by forthcoming National policy and executive plan for open scholarship, and tracked across all research performing organisations as a part of biannual Open Science monitoring exercise starting in 2022.

Author Biography

Janne Pölönen, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies

Janne Pölönen works as the Head of planning at the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Since 2010, he has developed the national list of peer-reviewed journals and book publishers (Publication Forum), which supports the performance-based research funding system of Finnish universities. His recent publications are in the fields of research evaluation, bibliometrics, scholarly communication and open science. He is also involved in policy work, including the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication, the National recommendation for the responsible evaluation of a researcher in Finland, and EOSC Co-creation project on Making FAIReR Assessments Possible.