Open access books: building blocks and policies




open access books, metadata, persistent identifiers, research infrastructure, funder compliance


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The complex realm of open science and scholarly communication consists of various increasingly interconnected parts. One of these building blocks is open access books. When taking a closer look at this particular building block, we see an intricate landscape of existing and emerging players, infrastructure, funding and policies. All these players and aspects play a role in a transition to open access for books as part of their larger open science policies.

By focusing on the current state of affairs for this particular building block, we can describe the different stakeholders – commercial or community led – plus the roles they play and what infrastructure, metadata and identifiers are in place or still need to be developed. Furthermore, this session will take into account funding and policy developments related to open access books and its relation to the building block and open science as a whole.

Based on this overview of the open access books landscape we invite the participants to discuss the implications for the larger goal of connecting the building blocks of Open Science. Enabling open science in this relatively small part of the scholarly communications realm comes with challenges for funders, publishers and libraries. Assuming that these challenges also exist for other open science building blocks, what can be learned from our experiences?


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Author Biographies

Ronald Snijder, OAPEN Foundation

Ronald Snijder is responsible for the operational, technical and data-related aspects of the OAPEN Library, the Directory of Open Access Books and the OA Books Toolkit. He has a background in library and information sciences and holds a PhD in social sciences.

Tom Mosterd, OAPEN Foundation

Tom Mosterd joined OAPEN-DOAB as Community Manager in 2020. He is responsible for engaging publishers, libraries and other stakeholders around OAPEN and its open access book infrastructure and services. His primary focus is on working with the growing library community on further improving and developing OAPEN and its services, connecting these with the needs of the library community. Next to this, Tom is one of three coordinators of the Open Access Books Network - an open network for anyone interested in open access books - organising events, creating resources, advocating for open access books and building a thriving community around open access books.

Before joining OAPEN as a Community Manager in 2020, Tom Mosterd worked at Knowledge Unlatched. He was responsible for maintaining relations and sales to all Higher Education Institutions in the UK & Benelux. Additionally he worked on ensuring the preservation and digital dissemination of open content, through a variety of platforms and archives. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business & Management Studies.



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