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Library hosting services are growing across the UK. In 2018, the University of Edinburgh submitted a proposal to create a shared service governed by the Scottish Confederation of University & Research Libraries (SCURL). The aim of the service was to equip member institutions with a hosting solution to fulfil their Open Access publishing activities, with the development time charged to the University of Edinburgh (which covers costs and is invested back into the service). The service launched with three members – Heriot Watt University, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the University of Edinburgh – and four years later has grown to include ten partners, with more members interested in signing up.

Although the shared service caters to members engaged in both publishing and hosting activities, we have seen a growth in library partners requesting to join so they can launch their own diamond Open Access library-based hosting initiatives. These initiatives – similar to the one at Edinburgh which is called Edinburgh Diamond – aim to support academics, staff and students in their publishing endeavours by providing a free publishing workflow system, as well as a hosting platform for journal and book content. The University of Edinburgh sets partners up with an Open Journal System (OJS) or Open Monograph Press (OMP) installation and provides full technical support as well as system training and publishing advice and guidance, which the member institution can use to mould their service. The shared service members meet three times a year to shape the service according to user needs and requirements.

This presentation will explain how the shared service grew, explore how and why hosting services and publishing programmes are developing within Scottish libraries, and provide conclusions and recommendations for institutions considering creating similar initiatives. 


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Rebecca Wojturska, University of Edinburgh

Rebecca Wojturska is the Open Access Publishing Officer at the University of Edinburgh, functioning within Library and University Collections on the Scholarly Communications Team. She manages Edinburgh Diamond: a library-based open access hosting service which offers hosting, technical support, preservation, indexing, and publishing guidance to staff and students who wish to publish diamond open access books and journals. Rebecca is also the Statistician/Bibliometrician for the Journal of Information Literacy and is on the board of the Library Publishing Curriculum, as well as the DOAJs & OASPAs Open Access Journal Toolkit.

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