Science and society actions by our universities

From kindergarten to the President of the French Republic




Science and society, outreach, university policy, art and science, science and politics, open science


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What are the best practices of universities in terms of science and society activities? For what aims? How to go beyond dissemination and top-down approaches? How these strategies interplay with open science and citizen science strategies and actions of our universities?

Science and society is defined here as all actions, methods, strategies deployed by universities to interact with the public, schools, inhabitants, policymakers, media, associations, businesses, and citizens at large – thus not only with academia and students. Science obviously encompasses all human, social, natural, experimental, exact and health sciences.

I will present the results of a benchmark (we performed with Sorbonne Université and SIRIS academics) about international practices of universities to interact with the public.

I will highlight some examples from Université Paris-Saclay, like outreach to various publics, from kindergarten (about general science) to the President of the French Republic and his government (about climate change by the IPCC), with an emphasis on schools and girls in STEM.

A link with culture will also be made, as art and science is also an interesting way to touch a new public in a less formal way.

This keynote, taking place during the World Science Day for Peace and Development, will also briefly mention complotism and fake news, still spreading quickly without obvious efficient ways to counteract them, although a partnership with some media can help.


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Author Biography

Hervé Dole, University of Paris-Saclay

Prof. Hervé Dole is a professor of astrophysics and and vice-president for arts, culture, science and society at Université Paris-Saclay. As a scientist, he is a specialist of galaxy clusters in the early Universe and their infrared radiation. He is involved in European space missions Euclid and Planck, and NASA space missions such as JWST and Spitzer. As university vice-president, he promotes the arts and culture at the university for students and colleagues, helps foster prestigious partnerships with for example the Centre Pompidou, Louvre and Villa Medicis, and builds stronger relations between science and society, especially with schools.



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