Vol. 4 (2016): Maximilianus Hell: Lucis Boreæ Theoria nova (MS, c. 1770) / Aurorae Borealis Theoria Nova (1776) / Neue Theorie des Nordlichtes (1792)

The fourth volume in the series consists of Maximilianus (Maximilian) Hell's monograph on the Aurora Borealis, first written as a paper for the Royal Society of Sciences in Copenhagen (MS, c. 1770), then published in a slightly enhanced Latin edition (1776) and finally in a German edition by L.A. Jungnitz (1792). Both printed editions, as well as the original manuscript, are included here. They are introduced by a biographical essay and summaries of contents by the classical scholar and historian of science Per Pippin Aspaas from UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
Published: 2016-12-06