Vol. 12 (2021): Norsk Høifjeld (1898 / 1911 / 1927), written by Theodor Caspari, illustrated by Theodor Kittelsen and others

The twelfth volume in the series consists of 'Norsk Høifjeld', a work of prose and poetry written by Theodor Caspari and illustrated by Theodor Kittelsen and several other artists. In the various editions of the work, the aurora borealis is a central theme in Caspari's text as well as in some of Kittelsen's illustrations. The introduction derives from an MA course in Scandinavian literature entitled ‘Dem Polarlicht auf der Spur. Wissenschaftshistorische und kulturwissen­schaftliche Erkundigungen’, given by Marie-Theres Federhofer at Humboldt University Berlin in 2019. The introduction has been written by Corinna Hoffmann, Lea Meissner, and Per Pippin Aspaas.

Published: 2021-12-23