Vol. 13 (2022): Articles on the aurora borealis in the Acta Literaria Sveciæ (1720–1729) by Erik Johan Burman, Conrad Quensel and Anders Celsius

Frontispice of the first volume of the Acta Literaria Sveciae

The thirteenth volume in the series presents all articles on the aurora borealis that were published in the journal of the Swedish Societas Literaria / Societas Regia Literaria et Scientiarum (now Kungl. Vetenskaps-Societeten i Uppsala) during its first decade of existence, from 1720 to 1729. The articles are by the adjunct/professor of astronomy in Uppsala, Erik Johan (Ericus Johannes) Burman; the professor of mathematics in Lund, Conrad (Conradus) Quensel; and the adjunct/professor of astronomy in Uppsala Anders (Andreas) Celsius. E. J. Burman developed a theory of two kinds of aurora borealis and inspired other investigators across Sweden to observe the phenomenon according to his instructions.

Published: 2022-07-22