Vol. 14 (2023): De Lumine Nocturno Boreali Svetice Nordskien (1726) by Conrad Quensel (praeses) and Hans Eurodius (respondens)

Portrait of Conrad Quensel.

The fourteenth volume in the series presents a dissertation by Conradus (Conrad) Quensel (1676–1732), professor at Lund University in Sweden, and his student, Johannes (Hans) Eurodius (1703–1756). In the text, detailed descriptions of two northern lights seen in Lund in the autumn of 1726 are accompanied by ample discussion of observations made ten years earlier in both Sweden and on the Continent, where an exceptionally strong auroral outbreak was seen in March 1716. The theoretical deliberations of Quensel/Eurodius largely follow theories presented by Friedrich Wolff and Johann Friedrich Weidler in the aftermath of the 1716 event.

Published: 2023-03-24