The Research Council of Norway: Implementing a new model for financing gold-OA

  • Johannes W. Løvhaug The Research Council of Norway
Keywords: munin conference 2014


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 The Research Council of Norway has recently revised its policy on Open Access and has decided to follow up the policy by implementing a new model for financing APCs. The new financing scheme, called STIM-OA, is directed towards the already existing publication funds at the Norwegian research institutions. The funds will from 2015 be able to apply STIM-OA for up to 50 % of their OA-expenses the previous year. STIM-OA will make a substantial contribution to the publication funds. Furthermore the scheme aims at structuring the financial and administrative handling of APCs at the institutional level. The goal of STIM-OA is to contribute financially in a transitional period, but in the future the Research Council expects to finance APCs as normal indirect cost for the research institutions, the same way as subscription fees are handled today.

Author Biography

Johannes W. Løvhaug, The Research Council of Norway
Johannes W. Løvhaug is senior adviser in The Research Council of Norway. He is working on issues concerning Open Access both on a policy level and with implementing funding schemes to support Open Access-publishing.