Altmetrics in Practice

  • Stephan Buettgen Plum Analytics, EBSCO
Keywords: munin conference 2014


>> See video of presentation (26 min.)

 Citation counts have long been the standard measure of academic research usage and impact. Specifically, published articles in prominent journals citing other published articles in other prominent journals equate to prestige and tenure. Metrics can now be harvested and applied to research around usage, captures, mentions, and social media, in addition to citations, giving a much more comprehensive and holistic view of impact. These new metrics are also much more timely than citation metrics and can keep pace with new formats much faster than the entrenched, legacy practices. In this session, we will highlight some practical ways institutions are using these new metrics today and what the future holds.

Author Biography

Stephan Buettgen, Plum Analytics, EBSCO
Stephan Buettgen is the Director of Sales of Plum Analytics in Europe. Before this he worked in various roles in the publishing and information industry e.g. at Thomson Reuters and Elsevier and has a proven track record in the analytical space. He holds degrees in Economic Science and Psychology and currently lives near Berlin, Germany.