Volume 11 now complete


The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO) is proud to present Volume 11 of the NAMMCO Scientific Publications series. Sighting Surveys in the North Atlantic: 30 years of counting whales is a collection of papers edited by Geneviève Desportes, Rikke Guldborg Hansen and Daniel G. Pike.

The North Atlantic Sightings Surveys (NASS) series are one of the largest-scale wildlife surveys ever attempted and the abundance estimates generated from these surveys provide crucial information for the generation of management advice on cetaceans.

Volume 7 of the NAMMCO Scientific Publications presented the results of the first 4 NASS (1987, 1989, 1995 and 2001) while Volume 11 presents analyses from the last 2 NASS (2007 and 2015), as well as the associated Norwegian mosaic surveys (2002–2007, 2008–2013, 2014–2018), and the Canadian High Arctic Cetacean Survey (2013). It provides survey specific results as well as trends of abundance for several species. Its unusual Introduction also takes you right into the heart of what it means to conduct surveys.