• New publication in Volume 11


    Estimates of the abundance of cetaceans in the central North Atlantic based on the NASS Icelandic and Faroese shipboard surveys conducted in 2015 is the third article in NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 11: Sightings Surveys in the North Atlantic: 30 years of counting whales. The authors are Daniel G. Pike, Thorvaldur Gunnlaugsson, Bjarni Mikkelsen, Sverrir D. Halldórsson and Gísli Víkingsson.


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  • Manuscript template


    NAMMCO Scientific Publications now requires authors to submit manuscripts using the NAMMCO Manuscript Template for Authors. The template can be found here, along with the updated Author Guidelines.

    Submissions that are not using the template will be returned to the author.

    For any issues or questions about the template, please send an e-mail to fern@nammco.org.

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  • New publication in Volume 11


    Abundance of whales in West and East Greenland in summer 2015 is the second article in the newest volume of the NAMMCO Scientific Publication Series. It was authored by Rikke G. Hansen, Tenna K. Boye, Rasmus S. Larsen, Nynne H. Nielsen, Outi Tervo, Rasmus D. Nielsen, Marianne H. Rasmussen, Mikkel H. S. Sinding and Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen and presents the results of an aerial line transect survey of cetaceans in West and East Greenland.

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  • The first article in Volume 11 is now available


    NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 11 is on its way, with the publication of the first article “Estimates of the relative abundance of long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) in the Northeast Atlantic from 1987 to 2015 indicate no long-term trends” by Daniel G. Pike, Thorvaldur Gunnlaugsson, Geneviève Desportes, Bjarni Mikkelsen, Gísli A. Vikingsson & Dorete Bloch.

    Volume 11: North Atlantic Sightings Surveys – Counting whales in the North Atlantic 2002–2016 will consist of a series of articles dealing with the results of NASS, a series of internationally coordinated cetacean surveys that were conducted in the North Atlantic in 1987, 1989, 1995, 2001, 2007 and 2015.

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  • Volume 10: Age estimation of marine mammals with a focus on monodontids is now completed


    Age estimation is important in a management perspective, as it helps determine catch composition and stock demography. Different techniques are used for this, with the counting of growth layer groups in hard structures; teeth, ear plugs and baleen being the most widely used for marine mammals. In 2009, the Joint Scientific Working Group of the Canada and Greenland Joint Commission on Narwhal and Beluga and the NAMMCO Scientific Committee recommended that one or more workshops with the subject of obtaining standardized and accurate age estimates be convened by NAMMCO. This volume is the product of the review and two workshops resulting from this recommendation.

    The workshops were held in 2011, and the first papers were published two years later, so this volume has indeed been a lengthy process. Despite this, we believe that the papers contained in this volume are still, and will continue to be, both relevant and useful for readers interested in age estimation techniques.


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