No. 1 (2021): Naturen og det naturlige på 1700-tallet

Jacques Christophe Valmont-Bomare, Dictionnaire Raisonné Universel D'Histoire Naturelle … Quatrième édition, Tome Premier, Lyon 1791

This issue of Septentrio Conference Series provides documentation of the digital conference "Nature and the Natural in the Eighteenth Century", organized by the Norwegian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies on 3–5 February 2021. The Call for Papers (as published in Norwegian on on 9 September 2020) and the final programme with abstracts of all papers are included in PDF format. The keynote lectures were recorded by means of Zoom and are included in this issue of Septentrio Conference Series. Other papers were not recorded.

The Call for Papers is the joint work of the board of the Society: Per Pippin Aspaas (UiT The Arctic University of Norway), Randi Lise Davenport (UiT), Andreas Klein (UiT), Fredrik Nilsen (UiT), Beatrix Himmel­mann (UiT), Siv Rasmussen (UiT) and Håkon Andreas Evju (University of Oslo). The board has also authored the descriptions of the keynote lectures. All other abstracts have been authored by each lecturer, with only miminal text editing added by the board.

Published: 2021-02-12