Call for papers volume 11, Lexical aspect and Aktionsart


Borealis opens now reception of submissions for the monographic topic of volume 11, The grammar of Lexical Aspect and Aktionsart.

We are interested in submissions dealing with the following topics:

a) The nature of lexical aspect classes and the diagnostic tests to identify them or differentiate them from each other

b) The correlations between lexical aspect and other verbal properties (transitivity, argument structure, case assingment, lexical alternations, etc.)

c) The effects of lexical aspect in the clausal structure and interpretation (role in voice, aspect, tense, mood, etc.)

d) Non finite categories and lexical aspect

e) The morphological role of lexical aspect

f) Acquisition and attrition of lexical aspect (in L1, L2, L3, heritage languages, bilingual contexts, etc)

Like always, contributions for the first issue (June 2022) will be accepted until the 1st of March 2022; contributions for the second issue (December 2022) will be accepted until the 1st of September 2022.