Aspect and Argument structure in adjectival passives

  • Alfredo García-Pardo University of Southern California
Keywords: Adjectival passives, agent-oriented modifiers, Aktionsart, by-phrases, external argument, argument structure


This paper investigates the patterns regarding the (un)availability of by-phrases and agent-oriented modification in adjectival passives in Spanish. Departing from the observation that adjectival participles derived from change-of-state verbs ban agent-oriented modification but those derived from stative causative verbs allow it, I put forth a novel theoretical account that derives the restrictions solely from the Aktionsart of the underlying verbal predicate, syntactically modelled and independently motivated. I extend my proposal to German and Hebrew, which display a similar behavior, and propose a parametric account for languages like Greek that freely allow by-phrases and agent-oriented modification regardless of the Aktionsart of the underlying verbal predicate.

Author Biography

Alfredo García-Pardo, University of Southern California

Dpt of Linguistics

PhD candidate

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García-Pardo, A. (2017). Aspect and Argument structure in adjectival passives. Borealis – An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics, 6(1), 21-52.
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