On wh-movement in Spanish Echo Questions

Ekaterina Chernova

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7557/


wh-movement; wh-in-situ; echo questions; discourse


This paper examines Spanish echo questions, an understudied phenomenon even in extensively described languages such as English. In particular, it focuses on a very particular type of echo questions, such as those made in response to a previous yes/no question (e.g. Did you buy {mumble}?; –Did I buy what?) and makes a detailed description, on the one hand, of inherent echo features, common across most languages, and, on the other, those language-specific. In particular, I argue that wh-in-situ is not the only possible option in Spanish EQs in order to get a proper, echo interpretation. In addition, I offer some evidence from Spanish data in favour of a particular syntactic structure underlying this sort of questions (Sobin 2010).


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