The syntax and semantics of nominal modifiers in Spanish: interpretations, types and ordering facts

Antonio Fábregas

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modification; adjectives; intersectivity; restrictivity; adjective ordering; prepositional modifiers; gender; number; nominal domains


This article provides an overview of the main facts and theories regarding nominal modifiers, with attention to the internal division of the low DP-structure (gender, number and N). The article presents first the notion of modification seen from the perspectives of semantics and syntax (§1); adjective classes are discussed in §2. §3 discusses the contrasts between prenominal and postnominal adjectives; §4 discusses the ordering of adjectives in sequences; §5 reviews the main theories that account for the facts discussed in §3 and §4. §6 moves to prepositional modifiers, presenting facts and theories about them. §7 presents the conclusions.


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