Lexical Items in Complex Predications: Selection as Underassociation

  • Gillian Ramchand CASTL, University of Tromsø
Keywords: complex predicate, light verb, denominal verbs, conflation, selection, exhaustive lexicalization, underassociation, Bengali


This paper examines the problem of selectional ‘matching’ effects in Bengali V-V complex predicates, and English denominal verbs within the context of a decompositional syntax/semantics for verbal meaning and a theory of lexical insertion under non-terminals. It argues that within the particular version of this kind of lexical insertion, as proposed by Ramchand 2008b , selection can be captured by the underassociation of category features constrained by Agree. In this way, I argue that we can achieve many of the effects of selection without any distinct lexical subcategorization frame, or sub-type of feature-checking, once we have a suitably articulated theory of lexical insertion.