Two Structural Positions for Locative and Directional PPs in Norwegian Motion Constructions

  • Mai Tungseth University of Tromsø
Keywords: Motion Constructions, Locative PPs, Directional PPs, Syntactic Structure, Argument Structure, Functional Projections, Norwegian Language


This paper discusses two types of constructions in Norwegian where a combination of a verb of motion and a prepositional phrase are ambiguous between a reading of directed motion and a reading of located motion. Based on the differences in the syntactic behaviour of the two types of constructions with respect to a variety of tests (viz. VP constituency tests, adverbial placement, accent placement and the binding of anaphora), I argue that the two different readings have different argument structures and syntactic structures. On the directed motion reading, the PP appears low down in the verb phrase as complement to a functional head Path0, where it is interpreted as endpoint. Locative PPs, however, appear higher up in the structure as a verb phrase adjunct.