Directed Motion and Non-Predicative Path P

  • Minjeong Son University of Tromsø
Keywords: argumental/argumenthood, aspectual marker, atelic, atelic path PP, directed motion, directional PP, do-so, endpoint, locative PP, manner-of-motion verbs, path, postpositions, predicative, resultative, secondary predication


In this paper, I argue that an atelic path PP headed by -(u)lo ‘toward’ in Korean is an argument of a directed motion verb on a par with its telic counterpart headed by the locative -ey ‘(be) AT’. I further argue that, despite having the same argumental status, the atelic path PP is distinguished from the goal-marking locative PP in terms of an entailment of a result state and predicativity; while the goal PP in directed motion constructions forms a secondary predicate associated with a resultative interpretation, the atelic path PP merges with the verb as a non-predicative complement and does not license a resultative interpretation.