Scandinavian Dialect Syntax (before and after) 2005

  • Øystein Alexander Vangsnes University of Tromsø
Keywords: data collection, dialectology, linguistic databases, Nordic Center of Excellence, NORMS, project funding, research collaboration, ScanDiaSyn, Scandinavian dialect syntax, Scandinavian linguistics


This paper gives an outline of the goals of the pan-Nordic project umbrella Scandinavian Dialect Syntax and of how the research collaboration is organized and financed, and of how the collaboration has advanced during the last 4-5 years. Special attention is devoted to the NORMS Nordic Center of Excellence project which in effect constitutes a highly focused branch of the larger network. There are clear scientific advantages of initiating large scale cooperation of the sort represented by the ScanDiaSyn umbrella, but there are also several challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to funding. The experiences from the ScanDiaSyn collaboration may therefore be useful from the perspective of the organization of research more generally.