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Walton, M J, 4Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Waring, Gordon T, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (United States)
Waring, Gordon T, NOAA Fisheries, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, 166 Water Street, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (United States)
Watkins, John, Conservation Research Ltd, 110 Hinton Way, Great Shelford Cambridge, CB2 5AL (United Kingdom)
Wenzel, George W, Department of Geography, McGill University, Burnside Hall, Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal H3A, 2K6 (Canada)
Wiig, Øystein, University of Oslo, Boks 1172 Blindern (Norway)
Wiig, Øystein, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, POB 1172 Blindern, 0318 Oslo (Norway)
Wiig, Øystein, Zoological Museum, University of Oslo, Sars gate 1, N-0562 Oslo (Norway)
Wilson, Sandie, Fjord&Bælt, DK-5300 Kerteminde, Denmark and University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom and Currently of Whiteley Farm, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 0LD (United Kingdom)
Witting, Lars, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 570, DK 3900 Nuuk, Greenland (Greenland)
Witting, Lars, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Greenland)
Wohlsein, Peter, Institut für Pathologie, Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Bünteweg 17, D-30559 Hannover, Germany (Germany)
Wood, Stephanie A, University of Massachusetts, Boston, Biology Dept., 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02129 (United States)

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