Arkeologiske undersøkelser på Kjerringneset, Sør-Varanger kommune, Finnmark 2004




Dwelling site, House pit, hearth, multi-phase, Late Stone Age, Early Metal Age, Medieval period, inland archaeology, hunter-gatherer,


Excavation report in Norwegian. Investigations of two lage, rectangular house-pits. Both had hearth-areas along the long mid-axis similar to so-called "Gressbakken houses". Radiocarbon dates from different layers in the hearths showed re-use: dates fall into the second millennium BC and around BC/AD. Under the wall in one of the houses were older flakes and tool fragments, belonging to an older settlement phase. It cannot be said if this was related to a house structure.

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Skandfer, M. 2012. " Change and Recollection: House Structures and Social Identification in Finnmark, Artic Norway 2400 BC - AD 300." In Damm, Charlotte and Saarikiivi, Janne (eds.): Networks, Interaction and Emerging Identities in Fennoscandia and Beyond. Papers from the Conference held in Tromsø, Norway, October 13-16 2009. Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura / Finno-Ugrian Society 2012 pp. 155-176 (2017-06-12)

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Marianne Skandfer, UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Førsteamanuensis, Seksjon for kulturvitenskap




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